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Not again…

Então não é que agora foi a vez do pequeno Prince George ser “gozado” num programa americano por gostar de dançar ballet…

Deixem as crianças serem crianças, caramba. O meu Lu adora dançar. se ele quiser ter aulas de ballet, não lhe vou dizer que não, pois só quero que ele seja feliz.

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I usually deal with things like this in my stories via my rants but to me, this is really serious and deserved a post. Joking or not, it is completely unacceptable for people like @lara.spencer to shame anyone, let alone a six-year-old boy for loving ballet and dance. Shame on @goodmorningamerica for posting this video to your YouTube page and thinking that it's acceptable. I don't know if this makes sense to everyone but to me, hindering a child regardless of their gender from taking part in a patricular art or form of exercise that makes them happy and gives them an outlet to express themselves is like telling them to shut up. It also hinders all the efforts people try to put in everyday to be rid of gender stereotypes in society. So what if he likes dance? This is why children bully other boys in their classes who opt for dance or ballet or anything that isn't stereotypically male. It's their parents that establish such ideas in their heads in the first place. Dance has countless scientifically proven benefits for physical and mental health. And as a child of a mother (The Duchess of Cambridge) who has chosen to make children's mental health one of her concentrations, of course Prince George is being encouraged to use art and his extra-curricular activities as a creative outlet. Princess Charlotte was photographed playing football at her father's polo match back in July, but nobody had anything negative to say about that. All the comments were positive so why can't it be the same for Prince George? Dear Parents, if your child has got a passion for something, be it in sports or exercise, or art, or studies, please support them regardless of their gender. Don't let gender stereotypes get in the way of his or her passions and wellbeing. Prince William said last year: "George is taking dance at school. He loves it." Thank you to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for quietly dismantling gender stereotypes in your home by not only allowing your son participate but also for being happy and proud of him as well. #KateMiddleton #PrinceWilliam #DukeofCambridge #DuchessofCambridge #PrinceGeorge #BritishRoyalty #BritishMonarchy #BoysDanceToo

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Assino por baixo de quem escreveu cada palavra deste texto neste post do perfil da pagina de apoio @the_mountbatten_windsor .

Ainda bem que o George tem uma familia muito consciente e cheia de bom senso.

E depois, temos estas respostas fantásticas de apoio 🙂 Um grupo de bailarinos fez um flash mob em defesa do pequeno principe. E em relação ao pedido desculpas da apresentadora… so tenho uma coisa a dizer: as desculpas não se pedem, evitam-se 😛

E vocês, o que acham desta historia?

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