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World Book Day in the UK

World Book Day is celebrated here in the United Kingdom today. On this day schools usually organize very cute activities but this year for obvious reasons this will not be possible.

These are the favorite stories of Louis at the moment, he falls asleep and wakes up talking about them. These are the stories of the park keeper, Percy the Park keeper, and the animals of the park, by Nick Butterworth.

This year Louis wanted to dress up Percy, made two very cute paintings on the stories “the best tree house ever” he said and also we started the day reading all the stories, and even had the assistance of all the animal friends 🙂 That was a nice way to start the day, don’t you think? 😉

How do you usually celebrate your book day? 🙂

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You see?…

I hate being right about these things. Regarding the home school here in the area, this week we received this message from louis's school principal asking parents to watch out for school "borrowed" laptops so children can access online classes… because if laptops appear damaged, refund contributions are expected. I think it's good that they do it so people can learn to be responsible. Have you seen this? They were provided with laptops because they had needs and are now subject to having to spend single and exclusive money because of them… You can't believe people are getting more and more… Unconscious.

With so many people in need and these people going to ruin something that's not theirs? I'm the only one who thinks this is a tremendous lack of respect and common sense. What example are these parents giving their children? And you have to be the teacher telling you where the kids should put their laptop to attend online classes? Oh, boy… I'm speechless. On top of that knowing that there are families like those of Louis' best friend who needed a laptop and were not in time to get it… And now the boy had to go back to school because her home computer broke down… 🙁 You think that's fair? 🙁

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My biggest dream…

… is that women’s diseases are no longer treated as a seven-headed animal by doctors and society. I speak from experience over the years my illness worsened because the doctors confused the symptoms, said they were cramps and gave me clisters… I would like these symptoms to be well interpreted so that the diseases do not worsen to something worse. Yes, because in my case cysts in the ovaries can lead to cancer as age passes (this is my biggest fear since the disease was diagnosed to me at 18) . Type II diabetes and heart problems, bouts of kidneys, swollen legs and ankles that lead to thrombosis

And this pandemic is not helping at all, because I know that doctors are too busy fighting this terrible virus…

I identify so much with this American girl, Shelby Eckard, known as PCOS Support Girl that I follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How many times do we put ourselves in second place now because we told the doctor that the exams are for the next appointment, sometimes because we have dishes to wash, well because we have to take the child to school, now because we have to entertain them … and our body is showing signs but we don’t do it because we don’t care.I reviewed myself so much with this text from PCOS Support Girl.

Image taken from Facebook – Instagram text here

She’s a Democrat, and despite being heavily troubled by the disease, she spent almost four hours in line to vote… subject ed to being insulted and assaulted by radical Trump supporters. 🙁 And yet she didn’t give up, even after she spent the last few days in the hospital. Yes, because she knows that her vote counts for things to change, especially if they are to help her health.

I’d like to wake up one day and not have these symptoms anymore, wake up several times in the middle of the night with my belly bursting thinking I can’t take it and I’m not going to make it through the night… 🙁

What’s giving me the strength to move on are my family, my two loves and these podcasts about PCOS where Shelby participates with another girl, Jeni, my age, who also suffers from the disease, and has already had two cancers… These conversations are showing me that I’m not alone in this fight. 🙂

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People who don't matter…

Don’t be this person who votes for Trump and then complains that he needs health care but doesn’t have the money to pay for them. Don’t be this person who votes for Trump just because he’s pro-life but then he has a disease like mine that causes him infertility problems… let’s not be this person who brags about being native And Christian Latina but who forgets that her president has put Latin children in cages! 

I met this person 7 years ago through groups about my disease, PCOS – PCOS Polycystic Ovarios Syndrome and I have followed her path.

You can see how she has a disconcerting and confrontational speech, typical of a supporter of the current Us president.

This person has been trying to get pregnant for years, complains that he has many health problems caused by the disease, adopted a baby through foster carer but after a short time the child was taken away…

If you can watch the video to the end without wanting to hit this person, I admire your courage and effort. Because I couldn’t… 🙁 How can someone be so unconscious? Just because Trump is against abortion doesn’t mean he respects children like he said above. And nothing gives the right to call murderers to people who have abortions. Everyone speaks for themselves. Every woman has every right to do whatever she wants with her body.

With this bad example you can see the lack of notion that exists among Trump supporters… but I hope that in these elections you will gain common sense.

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What a fantastic idea!

Lego has teamed up with Ikea to give birth to the imagination of kids and big people together.

And these magic-filled boxes have become our Louis’ favorite toy. What do you mean, no? I went back to my childhood, did you know that my mother brought me a box of legos, the cheapest ones, whenever I got sick? It seemed like it would help me get better. 🙂

Legos are the best invention ever to increase our creativity without a shadow of a doubt.

And truth be told, they are a great help to be independent and unresnated into adulthood 😀

Have you got your BYGGLEK yet? 😀

*this post is not sponsored*

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