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I hate being right about these things. Regarding the home school here in the area, this week we received this message from louis's school principal asking parents to watch out for school "borrowed" laptops so children can access online classes… because if laptops appear damaged, refund contributions are expected. I think it's good that they do it so people can learn to be responsible. Have you seen this? They were provided with laptops because they had needs and are now subject to having to spend single and exclusive money because of them… You can't believe people are getting more and more… Unconscious.

With so many people in need and these people going to ruin something that's not theirs? I'm the only one who thinks this is a tremendous lack of respect and common sense. What example are these parents giving their children? And you have to be the teacher telling you where the kids should put their laptop to attend online classes? Oh, boy… I'm speechless. On top of that knowing that there are families like those of Louis' best friend who needed a laptop and were not in time to get it… And now the boy had to go back to school because her home computer broke down… ūüôĀ You think that's fair? ūüôĀ

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