… Since I was a little girl, I love to walk. Alias if there's one thing I don't need to be told to do is walk. At the moment I wish I could walk more, but unfortunately these pains have conditioned me a lot. Not to mention that I will have to do shield (guard / retreat) until March 31 for medical indications, since I have weakened immune system due to anemia … because even having already taken the first dose of the vaccine, they prefer to play it safe. Anyway… that's all I was going to miss.

Walking does so well, helps and relieves, and in the end, although tired, we end up feeling much better. For me it is the best possible means of transport 🙂

And it seems that I already have a little hiking companion, he loves to walk since he started walking 🙂 going up and down stairs was his favorite sport as he counted the steps 😀

And this is the best music for walking, rain or 🙂

And you guys, you like to walk, too? 🙂

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