Louis, where are my glasses?

It was a morning like all the others. We woke up, Louis went to the pot, as always in my company :D, we had breakfast, we got dressed and that's when I noticed the lack of my glasses… I asked Louis, because I know he loves to touch my glasses, to which he replied: -It was the whale, mami!

The whale? What do you mean, you don't know? Come on, Louis, please, we're already late.

– yes, the whale took your glasses to the baby shark because he wanted to read a book and wasn't taking a good look at the letters 😀

He took my hand and took me to his room where he showed me the baby shark in his bed with my glasses put on 😀

Then put on his glasses and said in English: – Today I'm the teacher, let's go to school 🙂

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