People who don't matter…

Don’t be this person who votes for Trump and then complains that he needs health care but doesn’t have the money to pay for them. Don’t be this person who votes for Trump just because he’s pro-life but then he has a disease like mine that causes him infertility problems… let’s not be this person who brags about being native And Christian Latina but who forgets that her president has put Latin children in cages! 

I met this person 7 years ago through groups about my disease, PCOS – PCOS Polycystic Ovarios Syndrome and I have followed her path.

You can see how she has a disconcerting and confrontational speech, typical of a supporter of the current Us president.

This person has been trying to get pregnant for years, complains that he has many health problems caused by the disease, adopted a baby through foster carer but after a short time the child was taken away…

If you can watch the video to the end without wanting to hit this person, I admire your courage and effort. Because I couldn’t… ūüôĀ How can someone be so unconscious? Just because Trump is against abortion doesn’t mean he respects children like he said above. And nothing gives the right to call murderers to people who have abortions. Everyone speaks for themselves. Every woman has every right to do whatever she wants with her body.

With this bad example you can see the lack of notion that exists among Trump supporters… but I hope that in these elections you will gain common sense.

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