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Cornwall. A little big paradise in the south of England. We went by mini-holidays and we already miss our corner by the sea planted. Blue-Green-Sea. Relaxing landscapes and holding your breath. We really needed this. 🙂 4 days of mini-holidays and retreat.

We stayed in a country tourism house, the so-called lodges as they say here, in a small town called Bude in Kilkhampton. I'd rather stay in a house than a hotel. It's more intimate and personal, unlike hotels. And it did us so well that even Louis' potty training worked a thousand wonders. We were lucky to be a pet friendly site so we can take our Ginger with us who also behaved beautifully. 🙂 Sense us at home 🙂

Marhamchurch – Widemouth Bay

How rich prainha. Even with covert weather i knew really well walking on the wet sand and smelling the sea. And Louis once again loved playing with pebbles and chins.

A breathtaking view, which makes you want to stay here forever 🙂

Forrabury and Minster Slaughter Bridge

Then we head to the site of the Legend of King Arthur. Who doesn't know the famous story of the Sword Excalibur? Louis felt like a king in the small amusement park at the Arthurian Centre. We took a short walk until we reached the famous stone and really knew how to feel the peace and peace of Mae Natureza. It is a beautiful and very relaxing place where we can listen to the waters of the Camel River and enjoy the gardens of Lady Charlotte Falmouth.

Arthur Stone's KIng

On Saturday we went to Bodmin where we visited Cornwall's largest church, St Petroc's Church. We had lunch in the center of town and then we went for a walk in a park, where Louis befriended a squirrel to whom he gave the rest of his apple, and after that we returned to the place where we were happy and I already here in this post.

About the magical site of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic where Louis was delighted with the tasty cornwall ice creams, and we grown-ups also 🙂 What fascinated me most was the way people let themselves be taken to the picturesque village of Boscastle and come back all the time. If I could, I'd move to this place today that you call me so naturally. Who says witches are bad? I feel like half a witch myself sometimes. If not almost always 😀 Fear of the unknown doesn't watch me. 🙂 I love everything that's related to the world of magic. I think if I'd lived in the Middle Age, I'd have been burned at the stake, maybe I'd even go to anyone who believes in reincarnation 🙂

In the middle we console ourselves with the traditional pasties, the typical pastel pasteis stuffed with, meat, cheese and onion or potato. A curiosity: did you know that these pasteis were created as a marmite for men to go to work for the field? And the edges of the dough did not eat because they were only used for men to hold the pastel with dirty hands.

We also ate the famous Fish and chips that we knew even perhaps because we were closer to the 😀 Did you know that this meal originated in Portuguese in the early 16th century?

And of course, I had to try the famous Cream Tea, a variant of afternoon tea, typical and originating from this 🙂

They were wonderful days in this little paradise in the south-west of England, from which we didn't want to go out and we'll go back 🙂

And so we ended a different but very intense summer 🙂

Even in pandemic weather, we were able to take a few days to safely recharge to reset 🙂

And on the return trip the GPS made us this surprise to escape the traffic: We passed through Stonehenge

Stonehenge – image of my own

Did you feel like visiting? 🙂

How were your vacations? 🙂

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