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Michelle Obama Podcast. yes, Michelle has a podcast and I'm 🙂

I've been telling you how much I admire this woman. I identify as much as Michelle thinks. And I like it so much. After the book Becoming, and the documentary with the same name that I loved, here comes the podcast with delicious conversations about the current affairs, human relationships, feminine health, family friendship. The episodes last for almost an hour but I always feel like more and I look forward to the next episode.

*The first episode was attended by her husband, Barack Obama, where they spoke about the current situation of the country and its responsibilities to the community in which they are inserted. A very normal couple who were once the most important in america and the world. What I like most about them is the natural way they talk to each other, tell stories about how they met, their marriage and their family.

In the second episode, Michelle invites her friend Michelle Norris, the well-known award-winning journalist to talk about the Pandemic and the protests experienced in the US.

*In the third episode, the theme is female health, with the title "What your mother never told you about health" with Dr. Sharon Malone. A very important topic that women of all ages, mothers, daughters, grandparents, best friends, should listen to.

And in the fourth episode, the conversation is with Michelle's older brother, Craig Robinson, a delightful conversation where they talk about their childhood and have grown up together in South Chicago. If you enjoyed the conversation with Barack, you can't miss this one.

In the fifth episode, we have a girl talk. This is one of my favorites, where Michelle invites three very dear friends with whom she shares stories from her early days in Washington 14 years ago.

*In the sixth episode, the guest is celebrated presenter and comedian Conan O'Brien, where they talk about the challenges and joys of marriage with great humor to the mix. I've come to the conclusion that the secret to a relationship is in the mood, right, Rui Moreira? 😉 Because if we don't take things back alittle, believe me, nothing works…

These conversations are so delicious that They want to join 🙂

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