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Louis in the potty with the tablet, without judgment because for great evils, great remedies …;)

There is a right time for everything. And I have learned this a lot from my puppy as I have already said here. I presented the pot to Louis shortly after he was a year old, before he started walking, when he was already standing on things, but he always refused. It has already shown signs, the nursery has helped but it is difficult to stop being a baby. I feel that he will achieve, without pressure, as he has achieved everything so far. I was like that too. Despite being a girl, I left the diapers, cloth, at 4 years old. I remember that because it is the first memories I have, and lately I am always reminiscing about a somewhat embarrassing situation. Once, I ran to the bathroom very embarrassed and full of fear that my mother would scold me because I had just pooped in my underwear … 🙁 thinking that I still had a diaper, when I saw my mother change the diaper to my middle brother who was still a baby, younger than me, 4 years old. When my mother saw me in distress, she reassured me, but from that moment on I walked around with the pot almost glued to the rabiosque and when I arrived at my grandparents' house and did the same. The most amazing thing is that when I went to school, at 6 years old, I endured the afternoon without going to the bathroom because I didn't feel comfortable …

I'm reading a very interesting book to help with this phase: Potty Training in 3 days

Let the children be children. Time is very important in the first 5 years of our life.

As Ines Heredia said in this conversation, the education system still has a lot to change, notably in terms of the ages of children in education levels. For example, Louis had a little friend in his day care center who turned 4 in October last year, being in 2015, when most of them were in 2016 like Louis, of course this boy will always be ahead of the others but for years after the opening of the school, he cannot go to school together with the other boys of his year … It seems that it doesn't make much difference. In the case of Louis, he is one of the last to make years of his year, so that says a lot about his development.

It's costing a lot to stop being a baby, my dear, but believe it is for a good reason: to grow up ❤️

For me, you will always be my baby, smile and look sweet ❤️

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