The Power of the Internet …

influencers. Nowadays people have a tool on the internet, a very strong weapon. For good and for bad. And many times people do not mean it when they are suggesting something just because they like it (I speak against myself, because sometimes I find myself unconsciously suggesting something without knowing if people will like it). I like to share things I like without wanting to influence anyone, because I know that we all have different tastes or we are not all that … many different. My mother always told me not to be “Maria goes with the others” or else, I always wondered if others were going to throw in the sea, would I also want to go?

But what is too much is exaggeration, and I start to get tired of so many people influencing what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to do … it seems that they are imposing their lives on others. I like to live my / our life without satisfying anyone. I like to be happy in my / our way. 🙂

Now here in England the government created the maxim with the hashtag #eatouthelpout as a way to help the hospitality sector (these governors know a lot), something that we always did in full lockdown through take-away, we don’t need fashions now, just because everyone is doing … and what I find most incredible, is that they created this campaign with the virus still out there … all for the sake of the economy. 🙁 I’m not against it, the world has to continue but I think we should be more cautious because the virus has not yet disappeared. It seems that people from one moment to the next have already been vaccinated, with no vaccine yet … 🙁

Nowadays people expose everything on social networks, an example of that, on another day a girl I follow here from the neighboring city posted on instagram stories that on a Saturday morning, she was all proud because she had showered and changed her bed clothes , things that I find very natural to do without feeling the need to share with the rest of the world … Is it just me who think this is futility and a way to get attention? … 🙁

I wonder, if there were no social networks what would be the lives of these people? How would they exercise the power to influence others?

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