Hair Care.

Because my hair deserves and ask for this vegan mascara with good smell of garnier banana, and also ended up surrendering to the shampoo, whose bottle is made through recyclable materials 🙂 Garnier was the first brand of hair products I used as a teenager, on the recommendation of my godmother, day she that shampoo and softened chamomile kept my hair blonde. 🙂 What is certain is that I always end up returning to this brand, whether in hair products or creams and micellar water for the face.

I also wanted to try this Palmers conditioner with coconut smell that brings back the smells of summers of my childhood because of nivea sunscreens. 🙂 My hair has always been very dry and with age and climate change tends to get worse. But I discovered in these products my lifeguards and my hair thanks.

Did you know these products? 🙂

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