4 years of you

Son, this is going so fast, well my gut warned me that this was going to happen. You're no longer our baby, and I think that's the part that's costing us the most. You're still the biggest challenge of my life. Every day I prove it. Your personality is getting stronger and stronger. Every day you challenge me and put me to the test. Like saying, go, you can do it, you can do it. Forgive me for the lack of patience sometimes, but you know this mother-of-the-match thing doesn't come with an instruction manual. But believe me, I'm doing my best, inspired by you. 🙂

You were the best gift life ever gave us, it was a dream come true 🙂

Thank you, my dear 🙂 I love you very much and believe me that I will continue to do everything to make you happy 🙂

Image of my own

Keep the CBeebies video that shows the congratulations card we made for Louis… have a little patience because it is the last, but as they say the latter are always the first hehe 😀


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