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"Let's delete our history so people can make the same mistakes again"

This was bristol artist Banksy's response to the vandalized statues, after this one below, a week ago, about the bml demonstrations.

Don't you think the artist's idea makes a lot more sense? ūüôā

"What should we do with the empty pedestal in the middle of Bristol?

Here's an idea that fits both those who lose the Colston statue and those who don't
. We dragged him out of the water, put him back on the pedestal, tied a cable around his neck and ordered some life-size bronze statues of protesters in the act of pulling him down. Everybody happy. A famous day celebrated.

But after all, who's Banksy? There are many theories and one of them is that the artist is a group of people, in which one of them is one of the elements of the band Massive Attack, and this is the theory that makes more sense to me.

If you haven't seen this documentary about "the artist," I recommend you do it ūüėČ

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