Maleficient – Mistress of Evil

"Humans are hilarious."

What if the bad guys on the enchanting stories aren't so bad? And if evil is where we least expect it and the bad news can really be the heroine of history.

This film marks the return of Angelina Jolie who looks fantastic, as well as the bad girl on the tape, Queen Ingris, played by Michelle Pfeifer.

We really enjoyed the return that the scriptwriters and arguments gave to the story of Sleeping Beauty, and introducing The Reborn Fenix was a masterstroke.

A film with a very up-to-date message about the harm that human beings can do to nature with their wars and conflicts.

Governing humans is a little more complicated than walking barefoot with flowers in your hair" – Queen Ingrith

I wonder what the next "fairy tale" will be that Disney will turn ūüôā If you follow the stories of the Brothers Grimm to the letter, you have a lot to entertain yourself with. I would love to see the sequel to Snow White, because after Once Upon A Time I began to give more value to the story of the Evil Queen …

If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend ūüėČ

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