2020 remains a year to forget… had everything to be a good year, the beginning of a new decade, I like both even and leap years but it seems that this does not want to contribute … 馃檨

"All that is done for the eyes of men, even if it is done, is not done." (Sermons, "Exhibitionism").

"From a mistake are born many, and on such wrong foundation there was never right building." (Documents, "Error")

"To speak in the wind, words are enough, to speak to the heart, works are necessary."

But now you want to pick it all up? Do you see racism in this statue? I only see a priest surrounded by children and not wanting to take advantage of them! Rare thing!

Image taken from Facebook
Image taken from Instagram

Did you know that…

"Father Ant贸nio Vieira was half-breed, it is necessary to understand the political context of the time, church, and more specifically the company of Jesus to which he belonged had vows of poverty, was what at the time most akin to a charity. Father Ant贸nio Vieira was known not only for supporting and protecting natives, but also advocated the liberation of slaves, gave shelter to escaped slaves, several times opposed the colonial government Portuguese and was disastered because of it. To say that the context of Father Ant贸nio Vieira is criminal, is the same as saying that Gandhi was also a criminal in India." – comment on Facebook with which I agree and sign underneath.

Humanity is in need of a very large dose of notion and common sense. People need to stop mixing things up, because history doesn't go away, we just have to make things do not happen again! And for that we have to study hard and educate future generations.

I leave you with a question: Who do you think was responsible for the authorship of this vandalism?…

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