Storyteller Dices d'The Drawers| Summer Lunch

Mummy, mummy! – exclaimed Louis in his hurried and excited way. – Let's have a picnic 😀

A picnic? Sounds like a great idea 😀 How come I didn't remember that? – And what would you like to eat? I asked him.

-Hmmm burger and orange juice, he said in a perfect English with accent Portuguese 🙂 – he replied without blinking. From Macdonalds! – he added licking his lips, already thinking about the surprise of Happy Meal.

So be it, let's call Uber Eats to bring lunch and then we'il prepare everything and have a picnic in the park.

-Yeaaahhh 😀 – said the little guy in a great excitement.

As soon as lunch has arrived, Louis will run to the door and say hello. We prepared everything in the picnic basket, put on the coats and put on the shoes and as soon as we left the street… began to rain. Luis started singing the song "rain, rain go away" with tears in his eyes. I held him and I said to him:

What if we had the picnic on the floor of our living room? – I asked him, blinking his eye 😉

Yeaaaahhh! That's a great idea 😀 — he said in great excitement.

We put a blanket on the floor. Louis ate his burger with fries, and drank his orange juice, saying, Delicious! 🙂

Then we went to read the book that came out in Happy Meal, The Three Little Pigs, and Louis ended up falling asleep in the sofa 🙂 What a rich nap! 🙂

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