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The Andreia blog The Drawers of My Enchanted House had the idea and I was eager to respond, because the cause is very noble in order to celebrate the Day of the English Author.

But i apologize for not being able to read most of the books on my list. Not only for lack of time but also being outside Portugal and being more difficult to get the works I intend to read. But I believe I will succeed, even because now I have the help of a kindle, offer of the hubby, and so it is easier to read Portuguese works. I'll talk about this new acquisition later.


PORTO – An author who has never read, but who is on your list: Miguel Esteves Cardoso: I really want to read this collection of the author. 🙂 Miguel Esteves Cardoso has no popes in his tongue and writes with soul and maybe that's why i'm so interested. I hope that you will never tire of writing and that inspiration will never fail you to the last breath, and that it will be many, many years from now.

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AVEIRO – A book to live in: Our Kingdom of Valter Hugo Mother: While reading this story, I found myself in my childhood at the home of parents and grandparents. I went back in time. And it was nice and funny. The characters reminded me of my grandmothers and aunts, who whenever they passed the cross of Christ bless themselves. 🙂

You can read the review of this book here.

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COIMBRA – A book by your favorite author: The Formula of God by Jose Rodrigues dos Santos: I like books that make me think, and this one enlightened me so much but so much. I can't get enough of recommending it.

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ERICEIRA – A book that transports you to an area of the country you like: The Formula of God that transports us to the beauty of Coimbra

GUIMARÃES – A book that should have a film adaptation: Undecided between Our Kingdom of Valter Hugo Mãe and The Formula of God by Jose Rodrigues dos Santos. Because they teleported me to their stories, it was like I was part of them, so I think they'd make good movies.

SINTRA – A book of poetry: Sonnets by Luis Vaz de Camões. The greatest poet Portuguese. It's always inspired me for poetry and continues to inspire. This poem continues to make a lot of sense in these times.

Times change, you change your wills

You change the times, you change your wills,
You change the being, you change the confidence;
The whole world is composed of change,
Always taking new qualities.

We continually see news,
Different in everything from hope;
From evil are the sorrows in the memory,
And for good, if any, the longings.

The weather covers the floor with green mantle,
That already covered was cold snow,
And in me the sweet singing is weeping.

And aside from this moving every day,
Another change makes of chief amazement:
That you don't move the way you sound.

BRAGANÇA – The first author you read: Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen: The Girl of the Sea, The Oriana Fairy, The Knight of Denmark are books that have marked me a lot because they taught me to read, to dream even more and to give wings to my imagination. Have you read any of these?

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GAIA – A children's book: Collection An Adventure of Ana Maria Magalhães and Isabel Alçada: I read the whole collection in a summer of my adolescence, I enjoyed traveling with the 5 characters and the two dogs through our beautiful country and learned so much from them.

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LISBON – A book that mentions other artistic expressions: Affectively – GNR: this band brings me such good memories. Every time I hear it, I get carried away until the end of my teenage years. Pronounced do Norte always transports me to the city of Porto, Mentally i walk the Dom Luis bridge to Ribeira, losing me with the beautiful landscape of the city. Occult Blood makes me dance and sing as if there was no tomorrow and Dunas takes me to the beach of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen and Eça de Queiroz, the Beach of Granja. I really have to read this book suffers the History of the first Portuguese rock band.

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BRAGA – A book set in your favorite season: The Fabric of autumn by Alçada Baptista – another book to add to my readings. I've never read anything from this author but the synopsis caught my eye.

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Philip had married Matilde at a young age, but had never been able to classify their relationship. At the age of thirty she meets Barbara, a woman who shares with her the unceasing search for the sphere of the divine. With it lives a strong passion guided, however, by fatalism. Only then, hurt, rediscovers Matilde, also now with some scars …

ÓBIDOS – The book with the most beautiful cover: My 💙 only has one color joana marques – Another book that tells me a lot and for having lived all the emotions that Joana speaks in the book. I am very proud of all the victories and glories that my/our F.C. port gave me over these 30 years. And not on purpose, our Louis today woke up to sing the whole anthem of our club 🙂

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Extra category created by me as requested by Andreia - SÃO MIGUEL – AÇORES – A character: I spoke of this book here I liked the character of Guidinha Caderninho, perhaps for having identified me a lot with her when I was little.

The review is here.

Since I apologize once again if I have been repetitive in the choices, but both the Formula of God and Our Kingdom are books that tell me a lot, I hope you understand as well as the number of books read being much lower than the book of books I want to read. I'm sorry, honey, Andreia. ❤️

And you, who are your favorite Portuguese authors? Do you have a lot of books to read? 🙂

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