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In May 2012 I made a guide for a French colleague of the company where I was working at the time.

Image of my own – Lower board of the Bridge Dom Luis I

After lunch at one of the restaurants in the gaia riverside area, we start at burmester cellars. Amazingly, it was the second time I've been in basements, the first one in 1994 in the Taylors cellars. After going through the cellars, we made a wine tasting, which tasted really good.

Image of my own – Caves Burmester
Image of my own – Caves Burmester

At the end of the guided tour we were still entitled to a wine tasting. Recommend!

Image of my own – wine tasting in the Burmester Cellars

We cross the lower board of the Dom Luis I Bridge towards Ribeira. We went up to the Ferreira Borges Market Museum, but as we did not have much time we decided to go up Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, until the beautiful S Station.Bento, where we get lost to contemplate its wonderful tiles and architecture. Then we climbed the Clérigos Tower, having been the first time I've done it, can you believe it? It cost but it was worth it. The view from above is wonderful and indescribable.

Image of my authorship – view of the city of Porto, on the side of Gaia

The images speak for themselves 🙂

Image of my authorship – Serra do Pilar seen from Ribeira do Porto

My colleague, who had already been in our city, was still dazzled by this view 🙂

And it got even more when she walked into our station, which she thought wasn't up and running.

Image of my own – Estação de S. Bento
Image of my own – Station of S.Benedict
Image of my own – S. StationBenedict

The ascent of the Tower… 🙂

Image of my own – ascent of the Clérigos Tower
Image of my own – game of shadows

When he got up there, he expected us to a wonderful reward, a breathtaking view 🙂 Makes you want to take pictures of everything, so as not to lose any 🙂

Image of my own – Jardim da Cordoaria
Image of my own
Image of my own – view of the city from the top of the Tower
Image of my authorship – University of Porto in front of the Cordoaria Garden

Breathtaking 🙂

Image of my own – view of the Douro to the sea
Image of my own – the city and the river

After going down the Tower, we went to the Lello Bookstore where we had a terrible experience, with the man screaming at us not to take pictures… thing we weren't even doing. Can you believe I've never set foot there again? I was extremely ashamed and offended, most of all because of the impression given to my French colleague… 🙁

But it wasn't all bad, we crossed the city to launch to the mythical Cafe Majestic and so we enjoy our reward for climbing the Tower. It was a very hot day and it really felt like delighting us with a triple ice 😀

Image of my own – terror of the Majestic
Image of my own – façade of the Café
Image of my own – our 🙂

With great pity my missed the Gardens of the Crystal Palace, Serralves, Cheese Castle, Rotunda das Boavista and a trip by cable car, or electric or in the funicular of guindais, but an afternoon just did not give for more 🙂

What do you like most about the city of Porto? 🙂

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