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The Portuguese were the example of the world during confinement. What pride I felt. I wish it had been so because it seems that we have not been in lockdown for the evil of our sins.

Suddenly it looks like the virus disappeared and they all went out on the street like it was nothing. The first covid victim died and what was the best tribute they could pay him? Hold the Champions League Final in Portugal! But where is the respect for those who fight every day to save lives?

I tell you what, as much as I like football, right now I only see money… The king sport is missing from the king sport, for me we used to play football again, beans or a sandwich and a glass of juice.

And we all lived a lot happier, don't you agree?

Skank is right:

Ball on the crossbar does not chan
ge the scoreBola in the area without a
nyone to headBall in the net
to make the goal Who did not dream of being a
football player? The flag in the stadiu
m is a bannerThe streamer hanging on the
bedroom wallThe badge on the unifo
rm shirtThe beautiful thing I c
an die for my team If he lo
ses, what pain, immense crimeWe can c
ry if he doesn't winBut if he w
ins no useThere's no throat t
hat doesn't stop screamingThe boot wears
the barefoot The carpet of roy
alty is greenOthering for th
e ball I see the ballIt's rollin
g now , it's a football matchThe midfield is
the place of the starsQue go lead
ing the whole team to attackThe center f
orward, the most importantThat exc
iting, it's a match ofThe my goalk
eeper is a man of elasticThe two defe
nders have the key of the padlockThe side
s close the defenseBut what
beauty is a football matchBall on the cro
ssbar does not change the scoreBol
a in the area without anyone to headBa
ll in the net to make the goa
lQuem not dreamed of being a football player? T
he midfield is the place of the s
tarsThat go leading the whole team to a
ttackThe center forward, the most
importantThat exciting is a football match

And when I see the news coming to us from Portugal this weekend, I think it seems that the vaccine has already left for most of these people … from illegal parties with hundreds of people in Lagos, to a focus of 62 positive cases in the nursing home in Reguengos de Monsaraz, not to mention the dozens of young people who were this weekend at the docks of Lisbon… 馃檨 These people are playing with their health and everyone else's. I wonder what's going on in these people's heads. But do they all want to die? 馃檨 Believe me, I don't want to because I really like living 馃槈

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… a football player has to do the work of politicians, something wrong goes with those who govern us …

Yes, it took Marcus Rashford, manchester united player to create a campaign for the British government to decide to create a fund for underprivileged children. "No child deserves to go to bed hungry" said the player.

How long will our rulers continue to ignore such essential things and will only remember the value of people when they need them to be elected?…

I grew up with very little but fortunately we didn't lack food, whether it was in our house or at my grandparents' house. Even at my grandparents' house, my grandmother received almost every month a basket of food aid, because counting on us had three more grandchildren in her charge.

I thank him for making sure that Louis doesn't miss anything either, and we're always going to make sure that when he sees that a friend needs something, he's able to help. 馃檪

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"Let's delete our history so people can make the same mistakes again"

This was bristol artist Banksy's response to the vandalized statues, after this one below, a week ago, about the bml demonstrations.

Don't you think the artist's idea makes a lot more sense? 馃檪

"What should we do with the empty pedestal in the middle of Bristol?

Here's an idea that fits both those who lose the Colston statue and those who don't
. We dragged him out of the water, put him back on the pedestal, tied a cable around his neck and ordered some life-size bronze statues of protesters in the act of pulling him down. Everybody happy. A famous day celebrated.

But after all, who's Banksy? There are many theories and one of them is that the artist is a group of people, in which one of them is one of the elements of the band Massive Attack, and this is the theory that makes more sense to me.

If you haven't seen this documentary about "the artist," I recommend you do it 馃槈

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Maleficient – Mistress of Evil

"Humans are hilarious."

What if the bad guys on the enchanting stories aren't so bad? And if evil is where we least expect it and the bad news can really be the heroine of history.

This film marks the return of Angelina Jolie who looks fantastic, as well as the bad girl on the tape, Queen Ingris, played by Michelle Pfeifer.

We really enjoyed the return that the scriptwriters and arguments gave to the story of Sleeping Beauty, and introducing The Reborn Fenix was a masterstroke.

A film with a very up-to-date message about the harm that human beings can do to nature with their wars and conflicts.

Governing humans is a little more complicated than walking barefoot with flowers in your hair" – Queen Ingrith

I wonder what the next "fairy tale" will be that Disney will turn 馃檪 If you follow the stories of the Brothers Grimm to the letter, you have a lot to entertain yourself with. I would love to see the sequel to Snow White, because after Once Upon A Time I began to give more value to the story of the Evil Queen …

If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend 馃槈

Good Sunday!

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2020 remains a year to forget… had everything to be a good year, the beginning of a new decade, I like both even and leap years but it seems that this does not want to contribute … 馃檨

"All that is done for the eyes of men, even if it is done, is not done." (Sermons, "Exhibitionism").

"From a mistake are born many, and on such wrong foundation there was never right building." (Documents, "Error")

"To speak in the wind, words are enough, to speak to the heart, works are necessary."

But now you want to pick it all up? Do you see racism in this statue? I only see a priest surrounded by children and not wanting to take advantage of them! Rare thing!

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Did you know that…

"Father Ant贸nio Vieira was half-breed, it is necessary to understand the political context of the time, church, and more specifically the company of Jesus to which he belonged had vows of poverty, was what at the time most akin to a charity. Father Ant贸nio Vieira was known not only for supporting and protecting natives, but also advocated the liberation of slaves, gave shelter to escaped slaves, several times opposed the colonial government Portuguese and was disastered because of it. To say that the context of Father Ant贸nio Vieira is criminal, is the same as saying that Gandhi was also a criminal in India." – comment on Facebook with which I agree and sign underneath.

Humanity is in need of a very large dose of notion and common sense. People need to stop mixing things up, because history doesn't go away, we just have to make things do not happen again! And for that we have to study hard and educate future generations.

I leave you with a question: Who do you think was responsible for the authorship of this vandalism?…

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