Hair Care.

Because my hair deserves and ask for this vegan mascara with good smell of garnier banana, and also ended up surrendering to the shampoo, whose bottle is made through recyclable materials 🙂 Garnier was the first brand of hair products I used as a teenager, on the recommendation of my godmother, day she that shampoo and softened chamomile kept my hair blonde. 🙂 What is certain is that I always end up returning to this brand, whether in hair products or creams and micellar water for the face.

I also wanted to try this Palmers conditioner with coconut smell that brings back the smells of summers of my childhood because of nivea sunscreens. 🙂 My hair has always been very dry and with age and climate change tends to get worse. But I discovered in these products my lifeguards and my hair thanks.

Did you know these products? 🙂

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4 years of you

Son, this is going so fast, well my gut warned me that this was going to happen. You're no longer our baby, and I think that's the part that's costing us the most. You're still the biggest challenge of my life. Every day I prove it. Your personality is getting stronger and stronger. Every day you challenge me and put me to the test. Like saying, go, you can do it, you can do it. Forgive me for the lack of patience sometimes, but you know this mother-of-the-match thing doesn't come with an instruction manual. But believe me, I'm doing my best, inspired by you. 🙂

You were the best gift life ever gave us, it was a dream come true 🙂

Thank you, my dear 🙂 I love you very much and believe me that I will continue to do everything to make you happy 🙂

Image of my own

Keep the CBeebies video that shows the congratulations card we made for Louis… have a little patience because it is the last, but as they say the latter are always the first hehe 😀

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Subject of the Week…

Image taken from Instagram

The Portuguese were the example of the world during confinement. What pride I felt. I wish it had been so because it seems that we have not been in lockdown for the evil of our sins.

Suddenly it looks like the virus disappeared and they all went out on the street like it was nothing. The first covid victim died and what was the best tribute they could pay him? Hold the Champions League Final in Portugal! But where is the respect for those who fight every day to save lives?

I tell you what, as much as I like football, right now I only see money… The king sport is missing from the king sport, for me we used to play football again, beans or a sandwich and a glass of juice.

And we all lived a lot happier, don't you agree?

Skank is right:

Ball on the crossbar does not chan
ge the scoreBola in the area without a
nyone to headBall in the net
to make the goal Who did not dream of being a
football player? The flag in the stadiu
m is a bannerThe streamer hanging on the
bedroom wallThe badge on the unifo
rm shirtThe beautiful thing I c
an die for my team If he lo
ses, what pain, immense crimeWe can c
ry if he doesn't winBut if he w
ins no useThere's no throat t
hat doesn't stop screamingThe boot wears
the barefoot The carpet of roy
alty is greenOthering for th
e ball I see the ballIt's rollin
g now , it's a football matchThe midfield is
the place of the starsQue go lead
ing the whole team to attackThe center f
orward, the most importantThat exc
iting, it's a match ofThe my goalk
eeper is a man of elasticThe two defe
nders have the key of the padlockThe side
s close the defenseBut what
beauty is a football matchBall on the cro
ssbar does not change the scoreBol
a in the area without anyone to headBa
ll in the net to make the goa
lQuem not dreamed of being a football player? T
he midfield is the place of the s
tarsThat go leading the whole team to a
ttackThe center forward, the most
importantThat exciting is a football match

And when I see the news coming to us from Portugal this weekend, I think it seems that the vaccine has already left for most of these people … from illegal parties with hundreds of people in Lagos, to a focus of 62 positive cases in the nursing home in Reguengos de Monsaraz, not to mention the dozens of young people who were this weekend at the docks of Lisbon… 🙁 These people are playing with their health and everyone else's. I wonder what's going on in these people's heads. But do they all want to die? 🙁 Believe me, I don't want to because I really like living 😉

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… a football player has to do the work of politicians, something wrong goes with those who govern us …

Yes, it took Marcus Rashford, manchester united player to create a campaign for the British government to decide to create a fund for underprivileged children. "No child deserves to go to bed hungry" said the player.

How long will our rulers continue to ignore such essential things and will only remember the value of people when they need them to be elected?…

I grew up with very little but fortunately we didn't lack food, whether it was in our house or at my grandparents' house. Even at my grandparents' house, my grandmother received almost every month a basket of food aid, because counting on us had three more grandchildren in her charge.

I thank him for making sure that Louis doesn't miss anything either, and we're always going to make sure that when he sees that a friend needs something, he's able to help. 🙂

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Image of the week

"Let's delete our history so people can make the same mistakes again"

This was bristol artist Banksy's response to the vandalized statues, after this one below, a week ago, about the bml demonstrations.

Don't you think the artist's idea makes a lot more sense? 🙂

"What should we do with the empty pedestal in the middle of Bristol?

Here's an idea that fits both those who lose the Colston statue and those who don't
. We dragged him out of the water, put him back on the pedestal, tied a cable around his neck and ordered some life-size bronze statues of protesters in the act of pulling him down. Everybody happy. A famous day celebrated.

But after all, who's Banksy? There are many theories and one of them is that the artist is a group of people, in which one of them is one of the elements of the band Massive Attack, and this is the theory that makes more sense to me.

If you haven't seen this documentary about "the artist," I recommend you do it 😉

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